Penang National Park a.k.a Monkey Beach

Few weeks back, we went for jungle tracking at Penang National Park.
There are few tracks you can choose depending where you want to end your journey.
As for us, we are heading to monkey beach.
Actually, if you are with family that have kids or folks, you can choose to go there by boat instead.
The trails is not that challenging, however, it will be bit hard to kids or folks. Why?
Because there is lotssss of stairsssss. hahah. 
The jungle tracking take approximately 1 and half hour until we reach monkey beach.
Unfortunately, the day that we when day is a rainy day. But i still enjoy the journey. :)

WHERE ARE YOU HEADING TO? *credit to google

3 hours of jungle tracking. This picture taken after monkey stole my sandwiches and Tupperware. Beware of Monkey!

Sediakan payung sebelum hujan :)

After 1 and half hour jungle tracking, I am so happy.

Its Raining........

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